Chalk Paint and Waxes

Chalk Painting techniques are at the front of the modern interior design. Rinnovo Renovations can transform your room, accessories, and furniture giving your room a rustic feel.

Chalk Paint has experienced a popular revival in recent years, especially in Europe. The secret of the finish is that it’s actually a traditional gesso coating. Traditional Gesso for furniture is a multi-coat application that produces a lovely, chalk matte appearance with material depth, unlike simple white paint. Although traditionally white, Gesso or Chalk Paint can be tinted with any pigment color to produce other shades.

This finish is excellent on cabinets or furniture that has intricate detailing or carving, as those details can be highlighted. A finish on top with clear or dark wax to seal the chalk paint and accent beautiful carved details. It can also be sanded to produce a distressed look, built up or carved to create details. It also creates the perfect background for painted details.